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Helping to build sustainable businesses who are focused on the use and extraction of biological material 

Longvere BioFund focuses on innovative and creative solutions helping to convert biological material into nutritional products and supplements. Longvere provides more than just the capital, working closely with these companies, providing guidance whilst identifying collaborative opportunities and helping to build out valuable sales pipelines.

The market for using plant extracts is growing at an incredible rate and more and more product suppliers are looking to take advantage of the opportunities this trend is creating. Consumers are now looking closer at the purity of extracts used, and, as demand increases, so to does the need for higher quality raw materials.



This is our brand to help our partners develope sales channels and market intelligence. Swiss-Nutra work with our Cultivation partners to ensure their products are best represented for B2B sales around the world.  Swiss-Nutra works from our Geneva, London and HK offices and focuses on sales channels into the pharmaceutical/Nutraceutical, animal feed, natural therapy and lifestyle markets.

Swiss-Nutra only work with cultivation partners who products have passed the rigorous Swiss standards necessary to achieve the highest possible guaranteed product quality.



Swiss Bio Extraction is an independent lab, built in collaboration with EPFL in Switzerland focusing specifically on testing/certification of Biological Extracts to ensure our clients can sell their products into the most demanding of marketplaces.

SwissBioExtracts will test and validate products to the highest Swiss and International standards, whilst also working with our clients to determine and put in place the most efficient extraction solution for their particular Biological Extract



IOL are leading the way in extracting CBD oil and Isolate from their facility in the Rhone Valley.

IOL currently have 76 hectares of fields cultivating Hemp, along with a state of the art extraction facility and are looking to increase their own cultivation of Hemp whilst also inviting other agricultural partners to utilise their extraction facilities.


RDX are a world leading authority on Hemp and Cannabis  seeds and cultivation techniques.  RDX sells both seeds and cuttings to its clients around the world, whilst also providing technical data and best practice cultivation processes to other growers looking to move into this field.

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